Operational Analysis
Ice and Snow Technologies, Inc (IST) provides expert analysis of highway/street maintenance policies, procedures and materials that may be a factor in traffic accidents. Additionally, IST can provide expert analysis of storm events, deicer chemical usage, and other crash-related factors for accidents that occur in winter driving conditions.
I first learned from Dale at SIMA and his methods were unheard of in the contractor realm. Most of the things he was teaching were being done at the DOT level. Contractors were simply not educated on his knowledge. Our company hired Dale to do some consulting and saw immediate results that impacted our bottom line! His knowledge in the science of Snow Management is superb. He knows Operations; he knows Equipment; he knows Chemicals. Dale provides an excellent value in his consulting. We have used his services many times. He always responds to questions/emails and is genuinely out there to help. Chris White Director of Operations Turfscape, Inc.
IST can provide analysis of weather data including wind, pavement conditions, roadway profiles, and other factors, which may relate to traffic crashes. If the facts warrant a computer analysis of pertinent data can be used to generate a simulation of resulting roadway conditions.  IST is experienced in working for both the plaintiff and the defense with success in both areas.  IST has experience in research, investigations, report writing, depositions and court testimonies. For further information email or call IST. CV and references available upon request.
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