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SAFETY ANALYSIS IST can conduct and write safety analysis reports examining existing roadway elements and safety data to aid current project management, future program planning or help clarify data for use in ongoing litigations. Use IST’s wealth of experience and knowledge to work for you in conducting a safety evaluation of existing roadway safety and roadway elements and what can be done to conduct professional analysis of your safety data needs.
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IST EXPERT WITNESS SERVICE Specialty Area 1:   Ice and Snow Control      Specialty Area 2:   Highway Maintenance IST provides Expert Witness Services for both public and private sector snow and ice control service providers, for both plaintiffs and defense. Dale Keep, IST President, is qualified  and recognized as a snow and ice expert witness in both the United States and Canada. Dale’s highly qualified and well-rounded expert opinion is supported by over 30 years experience in the industry including national and international work.  After  a thorough investigation opinions and reports are always based on facts. Reports, drawings, and necessary information is always presented so complex subjects can easily be understood. IST is experienced in writing reports, giving depositions and court testimony. With an eye for details, IST possesses the experience, technology and ability to provide the assistance necessary to assess and present every relevant detail. Call or email for a free, initial consultation or to request a C.V. and fee schedule. Special Skills, Experience:
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