IST Consulting & Training
IST CONSULTING SERVICES IST has extensive experience with the latest technologies including RWIS (Roadway Weather Information Systems) and FAST (Fixed Anti-Icing Spray Technologies). We can work with you to develop and evaluate bid specifications, in RWIS, FAST or other winter maintenance equipment.  The IST team can assist you in most aspects of highway maintenance. Additionally, IST can:
IST TRAINING SERVICES IST can develop custom training packages to meet specific customer needs. Contact IST with details of your needs and IST will work with you to develop a program to meet those needs.  IST Can Assist You With The Latest Technologies Including:
Evaluate Your Materials and Operations Preventive Winter Maintenance Ice and Snow Control Training Programs
  RWIS (Roadway Weather Information Systems) FAST (Fixed Anti-Icing Spray Technologies) Operations Training
We Will Work With You to Enhance Your Operations:
Develop maintenance programs, procedures, policy needs and training Provide detailed audits of existing programs, equipment and procedures to determine effectiveness and efficiency Perform an analysis of current needs, and policies with recommendations for actions Write purchasing specifications Assure open and competitive bidding for the purchase of materials and equipment
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